Custom Trophies for the Weekend Warriors Warhammer 40k Tournament

Individuelle Pokale für das Warhammer 40k Turnier der Weekend Warriors

The Weekend Wars is a popular event in Altenholz near Kiel, where about 100 enthusiastic players compete against each other in the Warhammer 40k universe. The organizers needed unique trophies for the winners to adequately represent the tournament.

Project Requirements

The tabletop club “Weekend Warriors” wanted individually designed trophies as prizes for places 1 to 3 in gold, silver and bronze as well as a special “Best Painted” award in gold, which honors the player with the best painted miniatures. The trophies were to integrate the club logo and reflect the importance of the tournament.

Design and development process

  1. Logo integration and CAD modeling
    • Customer’s logo: The Weekend Warriors logo was transformed into a three-dimensional model and integrated as a central element of the cup.
    • For this purpose, a hexa-shaped pedestal was designed and a panel for the shield of placement was inserted.
    • Creative Design: In close cooperation with the customer, a design was created that is both aesthetically pleasing and thematically appropriate.
  2. Material selection and production
    • FDM printing process: The FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) printing process was used for the trophies, ideal for detailed and robust models.
    • Materials: The cups are made of high-quality PLA, which is environmentally friendly and durable.
    • Surface finishing: The surfaces were manufactured with a silky gloss material and produced using several materials in one manufacturing process.

Production and handover

After the design was approved, production began. Each trophy has been carefully printed and post-processed to ensure the highest quality. The trophies were handed over in time for the tournament and caused great enthusiasm at the award ceremony.

Trophies for the Weekend Wars 2024 sponsored by Reents Technologies and 3DArounder

Event review

The Weekend Wars were a complete success. The individually designed trophies gave the event a special shine and were very much appreciated by the participants. The winners of the first three places as well as the “Best Painted” award were proud to receive their unique trophies, which will serve as a memory of the exciting event for a long time to come.


This project shows how versatile 3D printing can be. From concept development to CAD modeling to final manufacturing, all steps could be implemented in-house to deliver a customized product of the highest quality. 3DArounder, the B2C brand of Reents Technologies GmbH, offers individual solutions for a wide range of requirements in 3D printing, from events to industrial applications.