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As a rule, all orders are produced and dispatched within a few working days. We have little to no stock and produce your order as soon as it arrives.

You will receive an update on the status of your order in the customer dashboard.

As Reents Technologies GmbH, we also take on individual CAD design as well as contract printing and series production.

Please feel free to contact us directly at Reents Technologies GmbH.

Yes, we also offer a solution for bulk purchases or company purchases. We have introduced a bulk discount in the store itself. If the order quantities are much higher, please contact us directly.

Since we create most of our designs ourselves, we are able to customize the model itself as well as the color of the material or the size. You will receive an individual offer for this.

It is also possible to have a company logo or lettering (single and multi-coloured) on the articles to personalize them.

Our production facility is located in Schenefeld near Hamburg. We have office and production space at Osterbrooksweg 71 – 22869 Schenefeld.

Production takes place directly in Germany using modern 3D printing systems.

During production, plastic is melted (depending on the article) and layered layer by layer to obtain the desired article at the end.

Yes, it is also possible to collect an item. As we are not on site every working day, please arrange the collection date with us individually.

You will find our business premises:

Reents Technologies GmbH
Osterbrooksweg 71
2nd floor – room 58
22869 Schenefeld

The entrance to 71 is to the right of the Domino Pizza store. You can use the non-designated parking spaces to the right of the Krafthaus fitness studio or directly in front on the street.

Reents Technologies GmbH currently owns a parking lot on the site. If this is free, you can of course use it.

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