European Championship Special: How to present your favourite football stylishly on the wall

Stilvolle Wandhalterung für Fußbälle zur EM 2024

The 2024 European Football Championship in Germany is approaching, and enthusiasm is rising. Whether you’re a passionate collector of footballs or simply have a special ball (with signatures, for example) that is close to your heart, the right presentation makes all the difference.

In this blog post, we will show you how you can not only keep your favourite football safe, but also stage it as a decorative highlight in your premises.

Why a wall mount for soccer balls is a great idea

Stylish decoration

A wall mount for footballs transforms an ordinary piece of sports equipment into an art object. By mounting it on the wall, the ball becomes an eye-catcher in any room. Ideal for living rooms, offices or even in bars and clubs where football plays a major role.

3D Printed Hand Shaped Wall Mount for Football

Safety and security

In addition to the aesthetic component, a wall mount also offers practical benefits. The ball is safe from dirt and damage and is presented in style at the same time. This is especially important for signed balls or memorabilia from special games.

Our innovative wall mount: More than just function

Unique design

Our wall mounts are not only functional, but also unique in design. Manufactured using a 3D printing process in Hamburg, each holder offers an artistic flair due to its hand shape that cannot be found in any other product.

Sustainability meets innovation

Made of PLA and PLA+, we use materials obtained from renewable raw materials. This ensures environmentally friendly production with a drastically reduced CO₂ footprint, which is of enormous importance in today’s world.

How to integrate the wall mount into your home

Installation is a breeze

The installation of our wall mount is very easy and can be done by yourself within a few minutes. Everything you need is included, so you can get started right away.

Versatile customization options

Available in both left and right hand versions or as a set, our mounts offer flexibility in the design of your space. Whether you want to add a single piece as an accent or use multiple mounts as part of a larger display, the possibilities are limitless.

Wandhalterung für Bälle – Hand-Design – Basketball, NFL American Football, Fußball, Soccer, Volleyball, Ball – Wallmount – Fan Geschenk

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Setzen Sie Ihre Sportbälle mit unserer Wandhalterung im Hand-Design in Szene. Modern, einzigartig und stabil. Passend für NFL American Football, Basketball, Fußball oder Volleyball.


The Euro 2024 in Germany is not only a celebration for football fans, but also an excellent opportunity to stylishly integrate your passion for football into your home décor. With our wall mounts for footballs, we offer you the perfect solution to display your favourite balls safely and attractively. Not only during the European Championship, but all year round.

Get your wall mount for your soccer ball today

Don’t miss the chance to make your home ready for the European Championship. Show your love for football – stylish and practical with our wall mount